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BMW has long being the car that all drivers have aspired to owning, even those that compare BMW drivers to hedgehogs secretly dream of driving a BMW...they just don't want to admit it.

For decades now BMW has been the car to own, the one to have sat on the driveway, the one that says you have made it!

The demand for BMW cars has never waivered, sure they have made a few mistakes in the styling of some cars but by and large they get it right and, more often than not set the bench mark for the other manufacturers to follow.

The ever popular 3 Series has had a long life, beginning in 1975 as the E21, right through three decades to today's E93 version bursting to the brim with technology.

BMW has relentlessly pursued innovations, incorporating technologies such as stop start, iDrive, run flat tyres and also produces some of the best performing sports variants available with the M sports additions.

BMW were also the force behind the rekindling of Britain's love affair with the Mini, whilst almost twice the size of the original Mini, partly for safety reason and partly for practicality, BMW managed to keep the quirkiness of the mini, with its cheeky looks and go-kart like handling.

There's no doubt a BMW car whether brand new or a used one is still one to be treasured. Residual values remain some of the highest around, meaning you should be able to demand a great price if you are trying to sell your car, but don't worry if you are looking to buy one, you can be sure you're getting a lot of car for your money. Providing you look after your BMW and service it regularly you should still be able to recoup a large part of your investment when you sell your BMW on in the future.