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Citroën have always produced uniquely designed cars and from the look of the current car range and concepts this doesn't look like changing anytime soon.

Citroën was founded in 1912 by Andre Citroën as a company producing double helical gears (hence the Double Chevron Logo), they then bought the Mors Automobile company in 1913 and Citroën as we know it was born. Incidentally the name Citroën derives from the Dutch word "Limoenman" which translated literally means "small lemons man".

Of all the cars Citroën have produced, the 2CV is the one that most people will recognise and associate with Citroën. The car has hardly changed since its launch in 1949 to the day it ceased production in 1990. It was a no frills car in every sense of the word.

Who then could forget the futuristic design and hydro pneumatic suspension on the DS, launched in 1955 and produced until 1975 the Citroën DS still, today continues to symbolise avant-garde automotive design.

Citro├źn continue to produce car designs that stand apart from their peers, even if the basic platforms are shared there will be very few other similarities with the rest of the car.

With a wide range of cars available from the C1 super mini through to the C3 & C4 Picasso MPV's and on to the 4 wheel drive C-Crosser, Citroën have pretty much something for everyone.

Citroën have grown up in recent years, producing cars of high quality and reliability that can adapt as your needs demand.

Family cars are very much at the forefront of the Citroën range but they haven't forgotten about their little hot hatches, the DS brand has made a comeback and delivers scintillating performance in the shape of the DS3 the 1.6THP diesel engine returns 42mpg (combined) with a top speed of 133mphg and a 0-62 time of 7.3 seconds.

Exciting times lay ahead for Citroën, and this is proving good for people who are looking at both used and new Citroën' with deals to be had all round.