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Just saying Ferrari evokes memories of truly world beating super cars and racing cars. It's what we all dream of driving one day... let alone actually owning one.

Ferrari, was founded by Enzo Ferrari back in 1947 with the 125 Sport being the launch car, the road cars were sold to fund the Scuderia (the racing arm of Ferrari).

Ferrari has had its ups and downs through the decades but has always come out on top. FIAT acquired a 50% stake in 1969 and by 2008 took this to an 85% stake.

The investment from FIAT over the years has allowed Ferrari to build a new factory and launch and develop new super cars that, under their own resources would not have been possible.

Ferrari have built many iconic cars over the years including the Testarossa in 1984, the F40 (the last car to be commissioned by Enzo Ferrari) was launched in 1987 but it will still give many of the today's top super cars a run for their money with a top speed of 201mph.

Because the waiting list to buy a new Ferrari is so long and in some cases you have to be invited to buy one, the demand for nearly new Ferrari's in excellent condition is high. Older Ferrari's also tend to progress into the classic car category meaning their values remain high providing the car has been meticulously maintained and looked after.

The latest Ferrari's are packed with the latest Formula 1 derived innovation as Ferrari continue to use F1 to develop cutting edge technologies that can eventually be transferred to the road going cars.

An argument has broken out recently in Italy as an MP has been critical of Ferrari's failed strategy I the Abu Dhabi F1 that cost Alonso the F1 Championship. Answering their critics calls for heads to roll Ferrari fought back saying they have done more for Italy around the world than any Italian MP.

Whether or not you are a racing fan or car fanatic, Ferrari is the ultimate sports car and will remain so for the foreseeable future.