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Ford is the Grand Daddy of all car manufacturers, everyone has heard of Henry Ford and the Ford Model T was the first mass market car produced using automated assembly lines.

Back in 1903 when Ford was launched the world was a different place to what it is today, very few manufacturers existed and chassis were built and in many cases a coach building company would add the body according to the customer's specification.

Today Ford has a small stake in Mazda, the Jaguar and Land Rover Brands were sold to TATA in 2008 and Volvo to Greely in 2010 and Aston Martin was sold in 2007

Ford is the second largest Car manufacturer in the USA and forth in the world. Despite the worldwide economic downturn Ford made a net profit $2.7billion in 2009. Largely brought about by finance restructuring but regardless this was the first tie in four years Ford had made a full year profit.

In the UK, Ford has some of the most popular models on the road, including the Ford KA, Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo, Kuga & Galaxy.

The future is looking pretty good for Ford, licensing agreements with Toyota to use some of their Hybrid technology means electric Fords could be just around the corner.

Owning a Ford is easy, they remain popular used vehicles should you choose to sell your car, spare parts are relatively cheap, and there is a huge dealer network that makes finding a new Ford a doddle.

The most popular used Fords are the Focus and Fiesta, if you are selling a car and have either of those, especially the diesel variants than you should be certain of getting a good price for it whether you sell to a dealer or are trying to sell it privately.