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Honda is a relative new comer to the Automotive Industry. Formed in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, initially as an engine producer for Toyota. The company quickly grew, realising the petrol shortages during and post World War II were affecting how he could use his own car, Soichiro began fixing small engines to bicycles, within a just few years Honda became the largest motor cycle manufacturer in the world.

The first production car produced by Honda was the S500 launched in October 1963. Honda's official slogan is "The Power of Dreams". They have never used this slogan to sell their products. Soichiro's belief is that well built products will sell themselves. This is probably why Honda consistently ranks high in the polls voted for by drivers and suffers one of the lowest complaint to cars ration in the Industry.

Honda hasn't rested on it's laurels either, innovation has been key in driving the company forward and has been one of the pioneers of alternative fuels, launching flexible fuel vehicles, hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell powered cars.

The current Honda range includes the Jazz a small city car, Insight hybrid that rivals the Toyota Prius, Civic with the renowned Type R in it's locker, the BMW rivaling Accord, FR-V (6seater family car) and the CR-V.

With undisputed build quality, buying a Honda is a pretty safe bet and with high residual values it could be as good a buy as you can make when buying your next car.