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Hyundai is a Korean based manufacturer of vehicles, now Hyundai Kia their headquarters are in Seoul. In 2009 Hyundai were the 4th Largest manufacturer in the world, owning the worlds largest car manufacturing facility that is capable of producing 1.6million cars a year.

Formed in 1967 as an off shoot of the Hyundai Engineering and Construction company, their very first car was a Cortina produced in co-operation with Ford.

Hyundai cars are currently sold in over 193 countries around the world and in Europe Hyundai produce the i30 at their plant in the Czech Republic which is capable of producing over 200,000 cars annually.

Current Hyundai cars include the i10, i20 & i30, this range brings Hyundai up to date with other manufacturers and are helping establish the Hyundai brand as a reliable, high quality volume producer.

Long gone are the ugly cars of the late 90's early 2000's, that could only be described as marmite cars, you either loved them or loathed them. The new range has been carefully designed and researched using the latest design techniques to ensure the cars look fresh & sporty yet practical enough to have mass market appeal.

If you do own one of the new Hyundai's and are considering selling the car, then you should find it quite easy to achieve a good price for it. If you own an Older Hyundai, such as the Getz or Tucson then don't worry these cars are very popular due to the levels of standard equipment, build quality and affordability.