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Lexus Car Reviews

Lexus is one of the newest volume car brands around, formed in 1989 to be the Luxury vehicle division of Toyota. First sold in the USA, Lexus is now firmly established around the world and is renowned for its reliability, constantly topping the charts in the customer satisfaction surveys.

Lexus originated from mothballed project that was started by Toyota in 1983. This developed into the original Lexus LS. When launched in 1989 the Lexus LS was the first car to appear under the Lexus brand. In subsequent years Lexus added a coupe, convertible and a 4x4 model to their range. The Lexus RX became one of the first cars to be powered both by petrol and electricity when the RX Hybrid was launched in 2005. In 2007 in order to compete with the BMW M sport range and Mercedes AMG range Lexus Launch the F marquee to develop a range of performance enhanced models, starting with the IS F.

The current range of Lexus vehicles includes the IS, GS, RX, all of which are popular cars. If you are thinking about selling a Lexus than finding a buyer who is willing to pay good money should be pretty easy.