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Mini Car Reviews

A truly Great British Icon, the Mini is one of the most successful cars ever built.

The first Mini or Austin Seven and Morris Mini Minor as it was called at the time rolled off the production line at the British Motor Corporation factories in Longbridge and Cowley.

The name Mini was first used domestically by BMC for Austin's version in 1961, when the Austin Seven was rebranded as the Austin Mini.

Slow at the outset, Mark I sales grew through the 1960's, and production totalled 1,190,000. Sold at almost below cost, the basic Mini made very little profit. Ford once took a Mini away and completely dismantled it, possibly to see if they could offer an alternative. It was their opinion though, that they could not sell it at BMC's price. Ford calculated that the BMC must have been losing around thirty pounds per car and gave up on their idea to launch a competitor car.

The Mini always made money but larger profits came from the popular De Luxe models and from optional extras such as seat belts, door mirrors, a heater and a radio, which would be considered necessities on modern cars, as well as the various "Cooper" and "Cooper S" models.

Mini's design changed very little right up until production was stopped in 2000, although the original design hardly changed variants launched included the Mini Pick Up, Mini Clubman, Mini Moke, Mini Van, Countryman. Sports version were also launched, working with John Cooper, owner of the Cooper Car Company and designer and builder of Formula One and rally cars, Mini Cooper variants were tuned and styled to improve speed and handling.

Over the years Mini has had several owners including Austin, British Leyland, BL, Rover and is now owned by BMW.

In 2003 BMW launched the new Mini, whilst still resembling the original Mini the new one in comparison was huge. It received much criticism from loyal mini fans, but still sold and continues to sell in huge numbers.

Mini owners old & new can rest safe in the knowledge that there will almost always be a buyer for your Mini, especially if it is in good condition with service history. So if you are thinking you want to sell your Mini look after it and you should be able to get a good price!