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Toyota Car Reviews

Toyota Automobiles was launched in 1936 when it entered the passenger car market with the Toyoda AA. In 1937 the company changed it's name from Toyoda (that of it's founder Sakichi Toyoda) to Toyota and the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. was established.

In 1957 the first prototype Toyotas, the Crown are exported to the USA and in 1966 the Corolla one of Toyotas most successful models was launched.

In 1984 Toyota in partnership with GM began production in the USA and in 1992 Toyota Manufacturing UK begins production

Toyota continued it's expansion and in 1989 launched its premium marque Lexus, which has become a recognised brand competing with Audi, BMW & Mercedes-Benz.

In 1997 the Toyota Prius was launched the worlds first production hybrid.Iin 2008 the Prius had reached 1,000,000 unit sales. In 2010 this figure had grown to over 2,000,000.

A slight blip in 2010 saw multiple factory recalls issued for a variety of safety reasons, this threatened to undermine the Toyota brand and the reputation it had built up over the years for high quality and reliability. Such was the efficiency of the recalls and the way it was managed, the damage to Toyota in terms of its reputation was kept to a minimum.

Toyota's efficiency in the way it handled recent troubles has help keep Toyota up amongst the lowest depreciating vehicles on the road. Good news if you are thinking of selling your Toyota.