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Volvo Car Reviews

The first Volvo car the V4 rolled off the production line in Gothenburg in April 1927, the same principles apply to Volvo cars today as they did to the very first car they are that the cars must be a safe as possible.

In the 1960's The P1800 went into production and much to the furore of the UK car industry it was used by Roger Moore in The Saint TV series.

In April 24, 1964 the new Torslanda Plant was opened. Its estimated capacity was 110,000 cars.

As well as cars, Volvo has also made, buses, trucks, marine & aircraft engines. Over the years Volvo became one of the most successful European car companies in the USA, at one stage all other cars in America were tested against Volvo's standard for safety.

Volvo's reputation has always been for Safe, reliable if somewhat boring box like cars. In more recent times Volvo whilst not compromising on its safety first policy has produced more and more powerful cars, and has gone a long way to shaking off it's boring tag.

On 28 January 1999 Volvo Group sold its business area Volvo Car Corporation to the Ford Motor Company for US$6.45 billion, with the resulting group largely set on commercial vehicles. Volvo Cars was then sold to China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010.

Volvo cars continue to retain loyal followers, with many Volvo owners only changing to another Volvo when they are ready to sell their car. Volvo's continue to fetch good prices compared to comparable cars. If you have a Volvo for sale, the next owner of your car will probably be an ex Volvo owner!