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Sell my Suzuki

The easy way to sell your Suzuki is to sell it directly to Car Arena. Your Suzuki could be sold in minutes with our hassle free car buying service!

Selling your Suzuki on Car Arena can be done in four easy steps, add your car to our website (this takes less than a minute), receive our offer, accept offers then arrange collection and payment. If the offers are not quite right for you, let us know, we'll do our best to get you the best offer we can and if we can't we can simply remove your details from our website, there's no hassle or pressure to sell.

Selling your Suzuki directly to Car Arena is one of the safest, quickest and most secure ways to sell your car. Once an offer has been agreed, we use an independent company to come to you and collect your car. As soon as their brief checks of the car and paper work are complete we pay the money into your account. The driver won't take your car until the funds are in your account. The amount we agree on is the amount that will be paid into your bank account, there are no hidden charges or administration fees to be deducted.