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How can I value my car online?

There are a number of websites that can give you an online car valuation, many of these do not use real time data or perhaps will give you a value according to their own adjusted figures. Car Arena can give you an accurate value for what you could expect to receive for your car if you were selling it to a car dealer or a car trader.

How does Car Arena value my car?

Car Arena do not value your car automatically, we speak to our trade partners to find out what a realistic value for your car is in the current market conditions. Even better news is that if you are considering selling your car our valuations are also offers to buy your car. Of course you are not under any obligations to accept these offers, you can just treat them as a true valuation of what your car is currently worth within the motor trade.

Can I speak with anyone about my car valuation and selling my car?

Of course you can, you can call us Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm and we will discuss your valuation with you. Contact a member of the team on 0844 414 0985 Remember Car Arena is FREE, you do not have to sell your car to us, treat your car valuation for what it is, a car valuation! If you do decide to sell your car to us, we come to you to collect it and pay for it before we leave. We buy your car on behalf of our trade partners who have placed the value on your car.