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Why Should I Choose Car Arena to Help Me Sell My Car?

Each day more and more people are choosing to sell their car through Car Arena, the safe and secure way to get the best possible offer for your car. We're now providing a viable alternative to the traditional ways of selling your car.

When you consider the alternatives and their drawbacks, it is easy to see why people are switching over to Car Arena for a quick, hassle free sale at the best possible price.

Traditional Methods - Selling My Car Privately

Whilst this method can attract a premium price to what you may receive when selling to a dealer, it is also the most difficult and risky way to sell your car.

Some of the pitfalls you may face when trying to sell your car privately:-

Traditional Methods - Part Exchanging My Car.

Sometimes this is the easy option for people who are buying a new or newer car from a dealer. The problem is that the dealer may not necessarily want your old car, so to offer you an acceptable price for your car they use the profit out of the car you are buying to subsidise it. Often you can get a better discount off the car you are buying if you don't have a part exchange. Many part exchange cars are sold on in the trade or at auction and dealers have to factor in potential losses in the deal for your new car.

Dealers are also aware that once you have made up your mind on your new car, the deal is virtually done so they may feel they can offer less than what it is really worth, knowing how much you want that new car. Saying things like, they have had a lot of interest on the car they are selling, if you go away trying to sell your car it may not be there when you return.

Modern Methods - Selling Your Car to a Cash for Car Company

In recent years, with the growth of the internet and the online tools to help companies' value cars it has become easier and often safer to sell your car online.

Simply by entering your details on a website you receive a cash offer for your car. Some companies are more ethical than others. It is worth dealing with a company you can discuss the deal with on the phone so you are certain they have valued the car including any dents, scuffs or scratches. Some companies insist you drive the car to them and then reduce their offer because of damage they claim you hadn't told them about. They then can take up to five days to pay for the car.

Why is Car Arena Different to Other Cash For Car Companies?

Yes we are a cash for car company but we differ in the way we operate. Instead of buying your car and hopefully selling it on for a profit, our system is able to get underwrites for your vehicle within minutes, meaning our risk is reduced allowing us to make higher offers rather than cautious, more tentative ones.

This means that we don't have to hedge our bets by making lower offers to reduce the chances of being stuck with a car that can't be sold or one that has to be sold at a loss.

We will provide you with an initial valuation, if this looks acceptable to you all we need to do is to confirm the finer details of your car such as;- Service History; MOT status & Condition upon which we will confirm the exact amount we will pay you for your car. This is the amount that will be paid into your bank account on collection, there are no hidden fees such as vehicle TAX contribution charges or administration fees to be deducted.

We use an independent collection company to come to you at a convenient time to collect your car and you are paid in full by secure bank transfer. This usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to clear into your account. Our drivers wait with you until you can confirm you have the cleared funds before we leave with your car.

The best bit is, this comprehensive service is completely free to you the seller of the car, you really have absolutely nothing to lose by seeing what you could sell your car for on Car Arena. If you are not happy with the cash offer you receive to sell your car you are not under any obligation to accept it. Just let us know and we can remove your details from the system.